Life Looks Real Different This Time

Posted: June 27, 2010 by Deborah Riley-Magnus in Gabriel's Rants
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Okay. Introducing myself and not much more right now. My name’s Gabriel Strickland. See, I was alive, then dead, then double-dead. They call me a twice-baked vampire. From everything I knew about vampires, I was supposed to be toast after the second death. Gonzo. No more. No nothin’.

Not so.

As it turns out, some of us get one more chance, a final conscious effort to determine whether we’re going up, or going down. A last shot at heaven or hell. Neat, huh? But here’s the catch (and of course, there’s always a catch), I have to make these last ditch efforts for salvation while living out my double-dead life with a mess of other dead supernaturals. I live in a holding tank of sorts, a warehouse tucked secretly in West Hollywood. Sixty departed creatures – including other double dead vampires, pixies, a legendary Navajo stick man and bothersome leprechauns – struggle together to earn brownie points (against our natures) and wait out possible centuries of purgatory.

Okay, I’m not such a social guy and I’ve always been a loner but it’s a roof over my head. This should be simple, right? Wrong.

Being twice-baked means I get to keep some of my vampire powers, and I get a few blessings in the mix, if that’s what you want to call having to get a job and walk around in the daylight like normal people. Trust me, I’ll have a lot to say about that later.

Deborah Riley-Magnus, the author of the book I’m in … I guess you can call her my maker … was nice enough to set up this blog so I can rant when I need to. She seems to think I’m less cooperative when stressed. She’d probably right. And since she’s trying to write the future novels in the Twice Baked Vampire Series, maybe it’s best if I cooperate.

Watch for my rants. Because … life looks real different this time.

Cold in California, COMING SOON!

Cold in California cover, lg


  1. yearzerowriters says:

    Gabe old chap (and you nearly are a century old right?), your demonstrating your better right now. Call this a rant? When you say you guess you could call Riley-Magnus your author, your maker, you overlook one thing. She’s also your tormentor in chief, your puppet-master. You must uprise once again and throw off your shackles.

    Free the West Hollywood 1!

    marc nash (who has read the novel a couple of times and digs its dashing protagonist Gabriel Strickland)

  2. Oh Jeese Marc! Don’t encourage him!


  3. K.L. Preston says:

    Hey Gabe! I was wondering where got off to! Watch out for that Deb R-M, I hear she’s crazy!

  4. Judy says:

    I like it! Very fun!!

  5. Now let’s see if I can answer comments on my own blog.


  6. gabrielstrickland says:

    One more time. Can you see my pretty face, gals?


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